Contract Mill 2.0 Is here!

This is a big day for us. It feels almost like having delivered a baby, after carrying it for many months and finally being able to tell the whole world about the newcomer! 

We could not be more proud to present: 

Contract Mill 2.0, world´s first 100% visual, absolutely no-code document automation platform! We have been able to create something that we always dreamed of, an automation interface that works like lawyers intuitively think: visualizing the text and seeing the variable contents right in front of you, depending on the alternative scenarios that are being drafted. 

And why this is so special? Because this way automation of any document is lightning fast. The time needed to automate is cut down significantly which means shorter time (and money…) to enjoying the benefits of document generation.  

Lawyers don´t think of decision trees. Lawyers don’t think of if-else. Lawyers work with the text. And that we have now done, innovating a totally new approach to document automation that allows lawyers to work with the text while our product does the magic “under the hood”, translating that into structures and logic that updates and changes on the fly, whatever the lawyer decides to do with the text. 

Contract Mill 2.0 is not only really quick but also unforeseen easy to use. We combine in unique way powerful logic and simple user interface, a combinatination that is very difficult to do but what the customers of document automation solutions have always wished for. 

For us understanding our user, visuality and simplicity have always been the very core of who we are. We live and breathe (legal) design, develop the product and improve based on the learnings along the way. 

Therefore we cannot wait to welcome warmly all the current and new customers on board on our journey to change together the way we do the work and do business – for the better! 

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