Contract Mill rebrands to Ment and presents vision for future

Contract Mill, the world’s leading 100% visual document automation technology, rebrands to Ment and targets significant growth

From 10 August 2022 Contract Mill will change its name to Ment.

For the last six years Contract Mill has grown from a concept to a scale up. Over that time we have learnt a lot, developed a lot and are now ready for the next chapter in our journey. While building strong relationships we have learnt a lot about how our customers use our product. 

We found that customers not only automate their contracts – but also other non-legal documents too. We therefore wanted to change our name to ‘Ment’ to reflect that we not only happily assist automating agreements but any document for that matter. Either way Ment is there for you and your business.

This rebrand comes at a critical time for the business. Ment is looking to scale up significantly over the course of 2022 and beyond. With the wind behind our sails we are looking to continue our expansion in the UK, Northern Europe and the US. 

Kaisa Kromhof, CEO of Ment, provides her thoughts on the launch of Ment and the exciting future ahead for the business:

 “I am thrilled about the phase in our journey that we are entering with Ment. Our original strategy from day one, to offer an easy to use, yet powerful no-code document automation solution has proven to be the right one for us. This has required a significant level of innovation, hard work and an extraordinary team to execute the plan. Now it is wonderful to feel the pull in the markets and serve all customers as well as we can, not limiting our brand either to contract automation but learning from our customers new use cases every day whether it was client on-boarding, self-serve documents in client collaboration portals, best practices, business rules inside of organisation, decision making matrices, offers, legal support process automation, new employee introduction and so on”.  

Ment is aiming to become the number one no-code document automation platform in the world. Over the past six years we have refined our product, making it one of the easiest to use and easiest to pick up document automation platforms around today. We have developed some leading technology and expect high growth in the use of our unique client-facing functionality, our Widgets and our clause library functionality (that allows the automation of playbooks).

We’re a rare example of a legal tech company that allows people to try the product yourself – in your own time. If you want to test out an example template please feel free to visit our website here.