Five reasons why we are different

Document automation is a competitive market with plenty of options on offer. So you may be wondering what differentiates us from the crowd? and why should you go with us over the others?

1. Ease of use

With 100% visual design it is easy for users to go through questionnaires, and understand the impact of their inputs on the document being generated. You have full trust in the output because you can see how information has been added, or conditionality triggered. Other tools tend to require submission of the questionnaire before you can see the generated document which means (a) you don’t tend to see the impact of your actions during the questionnaire and (b) doesn’t allow you to see quickly a side by side look at your inputs vs the generated output.

See video here.

2. No-code automation

We pride ourselves on the fact that lawyers are able to pick up and run with the product – with as little as 15 minutes training. With a no-code interface you’re able to automate documents in minutes – making it both easy to maintain and scalable.

Scalability is important as your organisation will probably want to roll this out across departments or teams to maximise the benefits of automation. If it’s difficult to scale then the value from it will take longer to realise – and may lead to difficulties with change management. Ment is easy to scale and we can manage a pilot to launch your first templates into use within four weeks.

More information on scalability here.

3. Client-facing functionality

One of Ment’s more unique and useful features relates to its client-facing functionality, which includes widgets and streamlined data collection.

Widgets provide access to a template and can be placed on a website or intranet for easier access. There are so many innovative ways of using this functionality e.g. it can even be used to allow clients to subscribe to templates (NDAs, DPAs, etc) on a subscription basis.

You can also easily collect data from clients by sending just the questions you want them to answer. Once they’ve submitted the answers to those questions, the template questionnaire you’re working on will pre-populate and you just need to finish it off to generate the document. Slick process with no double keying of data.

More information for widget use cases here and streamlined data collection here.

4. Pricing Model

We want your implementation of Ment to be successful and we want your business to get value out of Ment in the quickest time possible. With that in mind, our plans now include unlimited standard users so if you need to experiment and innovate with less accepting of change then you can – without being worried that you’ll need to pay for licenses.

The limitations which dictate the pricing surround the number of author users (ie the people that create the templates), templates and widgets – however, even the most basic plan gives you enough of each to build enough to get a solid return on investment. If you don’t want to be limited at all then there is a fully unlimited plan where you can automate as many templates as you like, with as many users as you like and provide access to them to as many people as you like through widgets (be it internal or external).

Our customers also tend to use our tool to build and sell subscriptions so Ment is document automation that saves you money but can also assist in making you money – see use case here.

5. Clause Library

If you’re always re-inventing the wheel creating the same variations of clauses over and over again – then this clause library functionality allows you to store your clauses so you can re-use them later easily. Easily generate documents with the wording you need to get the deal done faster.

See video here.

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