Have you updated your data agreements with the latest SCCs?

Over the coming months we’ll be taking a look at practical use cases for Ment and let you know how you can take advantage of its powerful functionality. In this article we take a look at current changes in data protection – and what you can do with Ment to make your lives easier for this change and future legislation changes.

Legal Development

The first use case for Ment relates to data protection – and in particular the upcoming changes to Standard Contractual Clauses (SCCs). With the end of the year not too far away the deadline to incorporate the new SCCs is getting closer. The deadline for incorporation will be 27 December 2022 – at which point the older version of the SCCs will no longer be effective. So if you have a portfolio of Data Protection Agreements (DPAs) that you need to update before that time – why not save some time and automate it?

Why Document Automation?

If you don’t already have automated templates for agreements like this then we’d definitely recommend it for the following reasons:

  • Legal can provide non-lawyers within the business access to the automation so they can self-serve the appropriate DPA
  • Output is both consistent and the latest approved wording therefore you can be sure that what is sent out is the latest wording
  • If you have many to complete and sign then going through a questionnaire is much easier than freehand typing in information – and also likely to be less chance of errors
  • Further updates can be made simply and easily to the template so that once law changes come into effect you can make sure your templates take account of that change from that day onwards
  • The documents that are generated can form an audit trail of agreements that have been created.

The first in particular is beneficial especially in an in-house setting. Allowing the legal function to provide business users with access to the automation will allow:

  • Capacity to be freed up in Legal
  • Reassurance for Legal that all DPAs that are created contain the latest terms
  • Seeing all the DPAs that have been created mean that it is possible to audit them to make sure all of the agreements that need to be created have been
  • Any subsequent changes to the DPA can be made easily with minimum impact to those business users using it

How Ment can help

Ment is a 100% visual no-code document platform that allows users to easily create and maintain their own templates. It has been designed by a lawyer for lawyers. Lawyers are empowered to automate their own templates quickly without the need for technical resource and with limited training (and can do so in as little as 15 minutes). Don’t take our word for it though here’s a case study from one of our client’s TietoEvry here.

Feel free to also have a look at our video below showcasing Ment’s functionality:

Want to see more?

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