Making our Customers Successful

At Ment we are committed to making sure that our customers fully utilise our product and get the most out of it. We have a Customer Success team dedicated to just that which is managed by our Head of Customer Success, Milja Makkonen. The team has a wide remit to provide our customers with the help they need. These include the following:

Managing Pilots

Milja and team make sure our customers are able to maximise the benefits of document automation by managing pilots. These pilots aim to focus on up to three templates and make sure they go live successfully so our customers are able to get off the ground quickly. More information can be found here.

Automation Services

While Ment prides itself on being a no-code platform which users can automate quickly, it may also be the case that customers want to roll out to new areas of the business as quickly as possible. The Customer Success team is able to support and run projects to automate single documents or suites of documents so the customer can focus on managing change internally – without needing to worry about internal capacity for automation.


Depending on the need the Customer Success team is able to offer consultancy services to customers – and if we aren’t able to support we can draw on our high quality partners to assist. This is typically used where customers require support with the preparation of their templates, the automation of their templates or change management. We understand that the implementation of technology has multiple facets and we approach it holistically to support our customers.

Ongoing Support

The Customer Success team offers ongoing support to customers and responds to enquiries quickly. Depending on the enquiry, the team may respond with a text response or even a screen recording of how to use a particular functionality. The team is there to make sure that customers are utilising Ment as much as possible to fulfil their needs – and this responsiveness and support is at the heart of making our customers successful.


The team offers training during the pilot to make sure that authors are able to automate their templates. We support our customers with training so they are able to become self-sufficient when it comes to the automation of templates. We believe this is a key way that customers can scale themselves without external support. If there is no pilot then we also offer training at the beginning of the subscription. Further training can be provided at a cost e.g. to train new starter authors.

New Functionalities

We are continuously improving Ment as a result of advances in the market and every day we continually finesse the platform for the benefit of our customers. This development means there are regular releases which add new functionalities to the Ment platform. After every release the Customer Success team will send out release notes to customer product owners so they can look at, and take advantage of, the latest functionalities and share with their users. 

If you’d like to reach out to Milja, our Head of Customer Success, for any questions feel free to do so here ([email protected]). 

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