We’re on a mission to make knowledge accessible to everyone

Ment is transforming document creation with pioneering automation tools designed to simplify and streamline day-to-day working processes, and helping make access to knowledge available to everyone. Here’s our story.

We’re dedicated to becoming the world’s leading solution for sophisticated document automation. Read more about how the journey of Ment got started, and the core values that drive our team.

How it all started

Ment (formerly Contract Mill) was founded in 2016. Founder and CEO Kaisa Kromhof describes what drove her to transition from a general counsel in an in-house legal team to a document automation startup entrepreneur. “I witnessed firsthand how legal work is basically about re-inventing the wheel every day, coming up with the same solutions to the same problems again and again. I knew I could streamline my time and energy, but I needed a tool that would help me harness the work I was doing into a reusable system”.

Ment was originally designed with legal documents in mind. When you boil it down, legal document creation is about trying to insert and maintain best practices and alternative wordings into a word document with square brackets, footnotes, separate “instruction manuals” and so on. This is where the power of automation and smart tools can make all the difference.

“Legal content is a perfect example of a walled garden – you need a lot of industry knowledge to create good legal documents from scratch. We wanted to make creating these kinds of documents easier through sophisticated legal design and harnessing the reusable nature of content.”

Empathy as a core feature

Document automation has been done for years, but most products out there are a pain to use, and mastering them requires long learning curves and sometimes even some programming skills. The Ment founding team wanted to go the other route.

Ment’s design philosophy is very much rooted in understanding core user needs. Kaisa Kromhof explains the vision: “When everyone in your team is able to create legal documents, you’ve made that world accessible to everyone.”

The core values of Ment drive the design and development of the product every day. One of our primary values is JOY. We want to breathe some joy into an industry that’s often lacking in it by creating tools that help people focus on what matters.

EMPATHY is another core value. Amazing products are born from truly understanding what people need, and translating that need into a viable solution. “I like to think of empathy as one of the core features of our product”, says Kaisa Kromhof.

Our third core value is INTELLIGENCE. We believe in the transformative power of human intelligence. We want to create a platform that helps elevate human potential, both for our own team, and the industry at large.

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