Automate complex documents in minutes

Suites of documents even in multiple languages? No problem, with Ment you can automate them in no time and see the changes happen in real time. Ment is the most sophisticated zero-code document automation solution around.

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The most sophisticated solution around for document automation

No pre-produced decision trees, tagging, coding, square bracketing, SQL or complicated structures. With our fully visual document automation interface anyone can easily automate any document right within the text.

Competitiveness: get ahead
– stay ahead!

Automation allows you to scale your work and business, something that manual work cannot do. Ment helps you generate totally new revenue streams and savings.

Boost efficiency and profitability

Get more done with the same resources by minimizing repetitive tasks and optimising processes. Use the time and money saved for more complex tasks.

Digital service delivery

Elevate your organization and clients with one-of-a-kind self-service tools. Release automated content anywhere and enerate documents directly from third party input.

Modern knowledge management

Build your own Clause Library and have your knowledge at your fingertips! Manage your content centrally and generate single clauses when you need inspiration.


Documents generated with Ment are always compliant with company best practices and based on the right versions. Enjoy standardized high quality in everything you produce.

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Other key features include

100 % visual automation

Automate even the most complex document sets easily with our one-of-a-kind visual automation interface. Create, modify and see all variations in front of you. Easy as one-to-three.

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Clause library

Lawyers don’t have to re-invent the wheel anymore. Build your own clause library and keep your own knowledge at your fingertips using best practices, playbooks, instructions and more.

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Self-serve documents

Get unique self-serve possibilities and share your automated content anywhere. Automate any amount of documents and provide your clients or partners with easy access to the templates, without involving IT specialists.

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White labeling

Your own and client facing interfaces with your own logo, brand colors and a predefined email address from which the document input requests are coming from. Apply with one click of a button.


Ment is an easily integratable part of your processes and data flows when you need it. Prefill questionnaires, map your logic against our decision tree, export documents and do so much more with our APIs.


Need a single sign on to meet your enterprise needs? No problem, we have that covered. Apply SSO easily with our easy to follow -instructions.


Track how many documents your organization has generated, how many self-serve documents your clients have downloaded and how many templates you have under automation.

Style editor

We know how important it is that the generated documents look like your own documents. Our extensive style editor allows you to apply your company brand across all templates.


Ment is built with high security standards and we respect your privacy. Working in a transparent and open way with our customers is one of our core principles.

Automation service

Ment is super easy to use, but you can make your transition to automated documents even easier with our expert automation services.

Learn how Ment can transform document creation for you

“With Ment we enhance contractual compliance and release lawyers' time into supporting the most critical cases.” Niina Koponen Legal Counsel, Tietoevry

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